Portfolio shoot – Steph and Mathieu

Steph and Mathieu shoot by Stoffel De Roover

Meet Steph and Mathieu, both very interested in fashion and modeling. Sister and brother came to us for their very first photo shoot, with the plan to create a portfolio, to submit pictures to agencies and use them for castings. Before the shoot date, we discussed what was important, how they could prepare for the shoot, and what they should bring, so we already had a plan in place when they arrived at the studio. Mathieu was the first to get make-up by Alexia, and when it was Steph’s turn for make-up, we started shooting with Mathieu, and then alternated between the siblings, and finished with some shots of both of them together as well.

The fun thing about the shoot, apart from their great energy and personalities, was that even though their best pictures so far were mostly iphone snapshots, they both had clearly prepared for the shoot, and really followed instructions and advice very well. We went for several different looks with different lighting and style so that when they present their portfolio pictures, it doesn’t necessarily show that they only had 1 shoot so far.

Here are some of the pictures!

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