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24 Nov 2009

New Smoke Photography – gift ideas?

I have updated my smoke photography gallery, and have also split it up in two: ‘smoke’ and ‘smoke and mirrors’. Images in the latter gallery are symmetric due to the mirroring of the original picture upon itself.All of the smoke images can be purchased and delivered to your address. Metallic paper works really well for the smoke pictures, but I can now also offer acrylic prints and canvas prints, or even on metal. Could be just the right gift for […]

10 Nov 2009
Lumendipity Smoke Photography at Aqua Art Miami during Art Basel

Smoke Photography at Aqua Art Miami

As you can see on the screenshot, we’re featured on the AquaArt Miami website now, under AleatoricArt My smoke pictures will be shown in the AleatoricArt booth (41) among art of Martin Waugh, J Coleman-Miller, Ray Cabarga, Ted Lincoln, Allan Rodewald, Volborth/Miller, Reed Ghazala, Howard Pugh and professor Alex Volborth, who passsed away on October 30th; the show will have a retrospective of some of his art. Take some time to have a look at these sites and be amazed. […]

04 Nov 2009

Smoke Photography on Aqua Art Miami

The location for the exhibition changed from the Marlin Hotel to Aqua Art Miami 2009 – Booth 41 ! If you’re going to Art Basel Miami 2009 from December 3rd to 6th, don’t forget to drop by Aqua Art Miami for a great exhibition of Aleatoric Art The Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists is doing its first group show to introduce the movement and its artists to the public and the art world. Among the works of about 10 artists […]

16 Jul 2009

Ghost Town of Val Jalbert

What we’re gonna do right here is go back, back into time… that’s what it felt like when I visited Val-Jalbert earlier this month. The historic village of Val-Jalbert is the best preserved ghost town in Canada, abandoned in 1927 when the pulp factory closed shop and the employees had to leave their homes. Still about 70 buildings remain, as well as part of the factory.. the place is quite surreal, but really worth the detour! There is some (french-language […]

26 Jun 2009

Kain in concert for St-Jean in Repentigny

St-Jean again.. Quebec’s national holiday. It always goes hand in hand with celebrations and of course: music! In 2007 I posted about the concert with Karine St-Marie, and this year I went to see Kain.. Being relatively new to Quebec, I hadn’t heard from the band before seeing them that day, and I was pleasantly surprised, the show was excellent, great songs, great music and atmosphere and it reminded me why I really like good live concerts. Here are some […]

02 Jun 2009
Lumendipity Smoke Art on cover of Aleatoric Art

Smoke picture selected for cover of Aleatoric Art catalog

The Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists (MAMA) has created a catalog to represent some of the work of its members. My work ‘Boy and his new Balloon’ was selected for the cover of the publication.Inside the catalog each page has a work and some text, and next to Boy and his new Balloon, this is the text, written by Ray Cabarga: A patient stalker of moments The law of averages dictates that even amidst confusion and chaos, there is an […]

24 Apr 2009
Smoke photography looking like a Crab, by Stoffel De Roover

Smoke Photography Featured in Smashing Magazine

My Smoke photography was featured in Smashing Magazine. They published an overview of 50 incredible photography techniques and tutorials in which many great articles are linked. Number 7 is “Smoke Art Photography” and along with some other interesting articles it mentions my name and links to the recent interview that was published on Digital Photography School. It also links to the Make blog which links to lumendipity.com, and the picture used you should recognize from my portfolio..

07 Apr 2009
Smoke photography on band merchandise t-shirt

Widespread Panic t-shirt with ‘Gemini’ smoke picture

I finally got to taking a picture of the t-shirts Widespread Panic did for their tour, with my Gemini smoke picture on it. The text reads “Her dance needs no body” If you’re interesting in buying this t-shirt, you can go to their merchandise website. Or if you want another t-shirt design with one of my smoke pictures, let me know.

19 Mar 2009
Smoke Art Photography on Digital Photography School

Smoke Art Photography article on DPS

Some more exposure for my Smoke Photography: Digital Photography School interviewed me about how to get started with smoke photography.. Here is the start of the article: Here at DPS we are always on the look out for photographic techniques that are pushing the boundaries of the medium. This week I’m excited to highlight Stoffel De Roover as he gives us a window into the amazing world of “Smoke Art Photography”. If you read our last photographer highlight article, you remember […]

18 Mar 2009
Smoke art as Homage to Rene Magritte, by Stoffel De Roover

Smoke art – Homage to Magritte

For those of you who don’t know Rene Magritte, he was a famous Belgian surrealist painter (1898-1967) with his most known works showing illusions, things that are not what they seem. The bowler hat should look familiar, and also the picture of the pipe with the inscription ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (This is not a pipe), referring to the fact that is not a pipe, just a depiction of a pipe. Working on a smoke picture of my last […]