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25 Jun 2010

Wedding Photography: Jess & Matteo in La Prairie

Jess and Matteo got married on June 12th on the golf course of La Prairie. Matteo is a photographer as well (flickr | facebook), and I was honored when the couple chose me to be their wedding photographer. Despite forecasts of clouds and 60% chance of rain, it was a gorgeous day with plenty of sun and blue skies. So along with assistant/2nd photographer Elsa (website | blog), we covered the preparation of bride and groom and the outdoors ceremony […]

25 May 2010

Montreal Maternity Shoot – Monica

  Just about two weeks ago, we did a maternity photo session with Monica. Some of you may know her, or recognize from a previous shoot about 2 years ago.. Mark, boyfriend at the time, is now her husband, and they’re expecting their first baby in June. In the weeks leading to the shoot, we talked a couple of times to discuss what kind of pictures she likes and wanted, which helped a lot when we started taking pictures. It […]

20 May 2010
Article in National Post - featuring picture by Montreal-based photographer Stoffel De Roover

Published in the National Post

One of my pictures made it in last weekend’s National Post, a national newspaper in Canada. The article by Nathalie Atkinson talks about the independent fashion designer Veronica Reis. The pictures we took of Veronica’s dresses date back to September, but she has recently received more recognition and exposure on her work in the media, online and this weekend also in print. The picture that is shown in the article features the dress ‘Green apple of my eye’ – which […]

20 Apr 2010

Smoke Photography – Variations

It has been a couple of months again since my last post with new smoke photography. Here is some new smoke art from a recent shoot.. Shooting smoke with a 21Mpix camera is really wonderful as it will allow full frame pictures to be printed quite large, or on the other hand gives more cropping flexibility while still keeping reasonable resolution.. Have a look at this first picture.. on the left you can see the original smoke trail I captured, […]

03 Mar 2010

Shayne Lamas retouched for Hombre Magazine

Speaking of retouching.. a couple of months ago I retouched a couple of pictures of Shayne Lamas for HOMBRE magazine.. They were used in the issue that came out late November, here are some images… Retouching by Stoffel De Roover / Lumendipity , photography by Shacham Zaguri, styling by Claudia Kaye, Hair by Lana Grand and Make-up by Carla Farra. from Lumendipity Photography Blog – www.lumendipity.com/blog

17 Feb 2010

Retouching services for photographers

I may have mentioned before that I offer retouching services to fellow photographers, make-up artists and models. Here is one of my recent retouched work. The photographer is Steve Marsel Studio, and it’s a pleasure to work with on his images.. If you have any pictures you want to give a more professional look, or maybe a totally different look, try out my service. Whether you give me strict instructions or you leave it up to me saying ‘just make […]

17 Feb 2010

headshot shoot with Anne-Marie

A bit over a week ago, I had a very nice shoot with Anne-Marie Allard. As an actress she was looking for some pictures to use for her agency and at the same time have a fun experience doing her very first photo shoot. Here are some of the pictures we made… If you’re interested in setting up a shoot with me, contact me now!

17 Feb 2010

some changes to the blog

Due to some changes by blogger, the blog has a new address and will be on blog.lumendipity.com from now on. The redirect from www.lumendipity.com/blog isn’t working yet, the migration tool should be ready next week.. The old posts will remain where they were, so none of the links to them are broken, and any links to the blog homepage should soon all lead to this new location.. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.. On the plus side, I am […]

31 Dec 2009

Happy New Year, happy new decade

Thank you all for your interest, work, collaboration and support this year.. I wish you all the very best for the new year, and the new decennium!click on the image to see a larger version (and again for even larger). Yes, the 2010 is in smoke as well…

02 Dec 2009

Montreal CD launch – France d’Amour

Last week quebecois singer France d’Amour launched her 8th album “le Present” and presented it to fans and the press at eXcentris in Montreal. I was asked by her record company to take pictures of the event. She had invited some other Quebec artists to perform with her: Steve Veilleux from Kaïn, Clément Jacques and Imposs each joined her for one song. While getting ready and waiting for the first people to arrive, I met Steve Veilleux, and spoke with […]